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The Dorothy Peace Centre is a registered charity in the UK with projects in Rokel, a rural area in Sierra Leone. Currently the charity is engaged in health project with a clinic, an orphanage and school for orphans from the Ebola epidemic and an adult education institution.

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Built and completed in 2014, just as the Ebola epidemic started, the Rokel Clinic was then closed immediately, by order of the Sierra Leone Government, to prevent transmission of Ebola. Since reopening in June 2017, the level of need has been shown to be even higher than had been anticipated, with daily queues of people waiting to be seen. We are also aware of a great need in the surrounding area. Financial support is limited, and we desperately require help to continue, develop and improve.

Primary School

The school was started as a home for Ebola orphans but later became a proper school when finding schools for the children  became difficult and too expensive. Sidcot School, UK  has donated uniforms and books towards the project, for which we are very grateful: The community has named it Sidcot School Sierra Leone , because of  the Sidcot uniforms. The school has a temporary structure consisting of four classrooms, one library and a small office. We need to provide teaching materials, such as textbooks for all subjects,  exercise books, bags, mathematical sets, shoes, school uniforms and teachers salaries. This school will hopefully show the community importance of education and of sending their children to school.


The college started as a drop-in centre for parents of children to the school. They wanted to find places that they can go to since most of them were not working at the time. This developed to a college now called the Dura Institute of Development and Management Studies (DIDAMS). DIDAAMS is a now a career-building Institute for professional management and development-oriented studies. Our modus operandi was not derived from economic gains but rather to give back to society, particularly to help folks from low-income backgrounds in a developing country like Sierra Leone.

The rationale behind the formation of this institute is a stride toward rapidly responding to emerging problems relating to youths unemployment across the country, which is very much why DIDAMS has chosen to identify its work with credible national and international affiliates to ensure that our programs and courses are properly suited to respond to the crowding demands in the job market.

More Information

The following is a detailed explanation of the work of the charity on the DURA website written by the founder of the charity and principal of the DIADEMS college:


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